Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what if?

In life there is a lot of what if...

what if i have never met you?
would i be happier?
would i be lonelier?

what if i had chose to study abroad?
or to venture into another line?
would i be more sucessful?

what if i have chosen another path?
what if i made the other choice?
what if? what if?
there will never be an answer...

after a long thought and talk
through my journey back home
i decided to stop thinking "what if"
i remembered the poem "the road not taken"
which i studied during high school
life leads us to many pathways
and pathways leads us to pathways...
there is no way back...
but to face whats coming up next...

i have to be brave
face my fears and future...
i want to live my dreams...

i want to be happy in life!
Signing off~
:0) the sun is out

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