Monday, February 16, 2009

"the curious case of Benjamin Button"

After working 8 days of long working hours, i was starting to feel so
sick and tired. My good friend volunteered to accompany me to
mid valley...I wanted to cancel the plan,as i was very tired.
but i made it anyway...

It was so long ago since i went to watch a movie at the cineplex,
i think the last moviei watched was "Boltz"?haha...Anyway,
we contemplated on what to watch as myhectic schedule forbid me
to be updated. I made a call to a friend whom i know will be an expert
on this question as she is also the one who had made me a special movie
lover. In a half asleep mode she just said. Benjamin Button! Haha...
so there i go,with a lil doubt (i was tired i was afraid i will fall asleep)

It was a special movie. Long but certainly not the draggy type.
It was much more interesting than expected. Me and my friend was
amazed. The soundtrack was also great!Though the storyline seems
impossible, but i do agree that there is a kind of sickness which will
make u younger... but definitely not shrinking back into a boy or a baby~

After watching the movie, i felt that the workload and burden on my
shoulders were off. Watching people going thru their trial and turbulence
made me feel that how lucky i am to be in my life. What are my problems
and concerns compared to theirs?And what else could i possibly want
more? I should be thankful and treasure every moment!

My friend asked me, If i were the character "Daisy" how would i feel?
Life is such, as when you have it you do not treasure it.
When you don't have it you miss it, anyhow i suppose i would feel
pain but in a way contented that i had this man all of my life
loving me in his own way, protecting me and we had such great
moments together!

Signing off,
in great need of sleep...ZZzzz


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