Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Shoe Hunt

The Fiorucci Shoe Hunt

I have never been the sort of person who will spend money on shoes.
My shoes by far had been "economical"
Here I am at MidValley hunting for heels which cost RM150!
For heels which I in normal circumstances will not even look at.
It started off with my shopping date with my Aunt Sherene
looking for a suitable footwear as mine was hurting badly.
In the end, either my size was not available or size available but the stlye was not right!
Bad day huh? Add on to it my Aunt bought 3 pairs of sandals that day!
Here comes Fiorucci. She eyed on it during a visit in Penang.
I slipped into it. It felt nothing like the regular shoes!
I felt confident! Stable.
I suddenly understood that with great price comes great quality(for shoes only)
the heels are so much stronger and it fits in nicely.
it feels like home.
Thanks to my Aunt...making a difference..bringing comfort to my feet!haha
Too bad, it was already on sale for 50% as they are having stock clearance
and my size is not available.
The promoter promised to call if he could locate a pair of my size...
For now i will have to just wait!
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
It is
important to start with a confident and comfortable step! ;0)

Signing off,
Shoe Comfort Crazy ^^

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  1. I finally got my pair of Fiorucci today!!!hahahahaha ;0)