Friday, February 13, 2009

"On my own - Whitney Houston"

"The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover
the core strength within you that survives all hurt..." -Max LernerWhat does it mean by growing up?When are we considered as
grown ups?
I do wonder. Being financially able to supports itself?

or being able to think independently...
A famous proverb said "huo dao lao, xue dao lao",
you are still learning till the day you die.
It is a great experience to be able to experience growing.
Seeing yourself transform.
Looking back at the timeline of my life,
so much i have been through...made me the person

I am today. It's amazing to see myself transformed to a person
who is strong and positive
embracing what comes along.
Being able to be vulnerable and be flexible about things...

I am able to enjoy life now. I thank my parents giving me so much
exposure and people
around me, all the support and guidance have
made me such a happy person. I want my
positive energy to
inspire people around me, being happy in life matters to me more
anything else,and it all have to start with myself, loving myself.The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover
the strength within
you surviving all hurts. When you finally realize
that nothing can hurt you and when
you will get to your dream no
matter what,you will find the light in every darkness, it is
easier said
than done,you will still have your dark moments, but it can be done!

I m proud to say i am able to do it! There are many dimensions in a
situation, its whether
you are willing to see it or not.Just as said by Kelly Poulous, we can change circumstances
if you can turn a threat and fear into an opportunity, there are so much
more possibility
you can find in life. Time is always ticking, it doesn't wait,
there is no time for us to
mourn why did it happen, its time for us to
wake up and realize where can we
go from here. what do i want to create?

So..from now on. I will ask myself, whats next?

Start spreading your love today, start creating. You make a difference!

To my fireflies, family, friends and colleagues...I wish you all well and
happy as always!
I am always here for you!

Signing off,

"I am a loving, caring and passionate woman!"

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