Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adore and Love?

What is the difference between
"Adore" and "Love"?
definition of the dictionary:
adore - to regard with loving
admiration and devotion
love - intense feeling of affection

does it mean being adored is
more than being loved?
well it could be otherwise,
WHY is it hard for someone to say
I Love You?
I will settle for "being adored"
as something which means more.
I adore you too!
Am i living in an illusion of love and adoration
which i believe its true?
I know dear, i m over analysing it again~haha
I chose this path and i will be brave to
face whatever comes..
For now i will patient and wait...
I will wait for you..
and i will be home again...

Signing off,
choosing to think otherwise!
am i trying to be funny?i think so too...

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